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Woman blows up wedding dress Want Horny People

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Woman blows up wedding dress

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With around 40 people looking on, Santleben-Stiteler hits it on her first try, sending the dress up in flames. And for Kimberly, it was just the "closure" she needed.

Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, who insisted on wearing her wedding dress all her life after being jilted at the altar. Kimberly changed her display picture on Facebook to mark the special occasion Kimberly's sister Carla Santleben-Newport told the Press Association, "My sister's divorce was finalised on Friday November 9 and she wanted to burn her wedding dress, so my dad and husband took care of things.

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wsdding Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler had finalized the end of her 14 years of marriage on Friday in Medina County and told the Fort Worth Star-Telegramshe wanted to put the past behind her. She hit the target on the first shot. Story continues below advertisement Santleben-Newport said they were getting messages from around the county, asking if it was their explosion that people were hearing.

She hosted a divorce party for her friends and family members to say good riddance to her ex-husband.

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Woman blows up her wedding dress to celebrate divorce being finalized At her divorce party, Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler sent her wedding dress up in flames. We have long said goodbye to Miss Wevding.

Some could feel and hear it from at least 24 kilometres away. Santleben-Stiteler originally planned to just burn the dress, which she told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram "represented a lie," but her family thought of a bigger way to get rid of the symbol of her year marriage. The year-old did hone her shooting skills ahead of the party, however, as the Star-Telegram reports her family was unsure firing from yards away would be safe enough.

Make way for Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler, who stuffed her wedding dress with explosives and blew it up. The year-old destroyed her wedding dress in an explosion at a party to woman blows up wedding dress her divorce being finalized a day earlier.

Everyone was worried it was too wwedding so they moved it out another yards. She did absolutely amazing hitting the dress on her first shot and blowing her dress to pieces," Carla said.

We had Facebook comments and text messages of people hearing the noise in a mile radius. Once the explosion and fire subsided, the family checked and found the dress was burning brightly and later, after it was removed from the container it was sitting in, blosw in tatters. Nlows from the 'happy divorce' cake and woman blows up wedding dress festivities, the wedding dress was blown to smithereens as people from 25 kilometres away heard the explosion in La Coste, Texas.

It was a great way to celebrate her divorce.

Texas woman celebrates her divorce by blowing up her wedding dress

Kimberly's brother-in-law and father readying the wedding dress for the bonfire Kimberly celebrated her newly-single status after 14 years of marriage. Woman blows up wedding dress As a result of the explosion, the family ended up with more than a few texts and Facebook messages to respond to. Kimberly had 20 lbs of Tannerite filled in her wedding dress and shot at it with a rifle, and sat back and enjoyed the view as her marriage went up in smoke It was closure deess all of us.

Trending Stories Liberals unanimously survive first confidence vote with coronavirus benefit glows Story continues below advertisement An explosion of fire lights up the night sky on Saturday, Nov.

Watch the video here: Carla explained the not-so-easy process of blowing the dress sress. A video posted to Facebook by her sister, Carla Santleben-Newport, shows the Texas teacher shooting at her wedding dresswhich had been rigged with 20 pounds of an explosive called tannerite, at her father's farm in LaCoste, Texas.

Approximately 40 guests attended and cheered her on as she held up a scoped rifle, pulled the trigger and an explosion lit up the sky about metres, or yards, away. Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler's wedding dress burns after she wkman a target causing explosives to go off. My dad and husband set the dress up at yards from the barn on our family farm. Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler threw a party after her divorce was finalized.

Woman blows up her wedding dress to celebrate divorce being finalized

Kimberly is not a hunter so James, my husband, practised with her that afternoon. They filled her dress with 20 lbs of Tannerite and she shot it with a.

Everyone was worried it was too close so they moved it out another yards.